Thursday, April 5, 2012

Well, well....

This is enormous. This is huge.

I am a TYRANT. I am a VILLAIN.

I have just taken over an island.

In case you didn't read my last post, let me tell you to go and do that. Now.

I was picked. Out of several hundred applicants, I was picked to receive the possibility to gain control of an island.

The reason it's been quite a while since my last post is because I was busy taking over the island, raising taxes on all ninety-seven inhabitants, and generally causing my reign of terror to begin (I'm sure that SOMEONE was feeling some terror. I hope).

The name of the island is Wonderopolis the Colorful and Candy-filled, home of the sparkling rainbow ponies. I am going to change the name to something along the lines of Gothica. Yes, that has a nice ring...

Soon I will import some minions and henchmen and the like.

You may, perhaps, want an update on the members of my little entourage of one, and my other acquaintances (still only one).

Mathew is still around, acting obnoxious and blaring opera music.

Captain Hero is attempting to incite a rebellion on my little six-by-ten mile island, and so we still do battle on occasion.

In addition to these familiar figures, I would like to introduce a few more people; Pepper and Salt. Fraternal twins. Obviously their parents loathed them with a passion, at least as far as naming goes. Pepper is obviously in charge of these two. She's quite spunky, and enjoys bossing everyone but myself around. Salt is more subdued; he mostly does what Pepper tells him. They're both mercenaries, and work for me.

These changes are quite large, and I hope that the transition from free people to miserable slaves goes smoothly, for you, the inhabitants of Gothica.

I'd wish you luck, but if I don't, there's more for me.

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